Om International Yoga Health Society

Om International Yoga Health Society, officially approved from government of India, has been founded with the purpose to promote practice of yoga as therapeutic support and spiritual path. Aims of society are: 1)To promote knowledge of Indian Yoga and to contribute to development of a “social health”; 2)to help people with physical and psychological problems; 3)to offer trainings of various duration (one week, one month, three months etc) wherever it is required; 4)to offer free class of yoga and meditation for H.I.V. and cancer patients and drug addicts; 5)to organise yoga-demonstrations, one hour programs and stages in the working centre of society, in 5 stars hotels in Varanasi and wherever it is required; 6)to contribute to ecological and cultural iniziatives in Varanasi and in India. Services offered by society In addition to ashtanga yoga standard class described in the section of the teachings, Om International Yoga Health Society offers: Class of: hatha yoga, kriya-yoga, nada-yoga, kundalini-yoga, bhakti-yoga, mantra-yoga, shatkarma (six internal cleansings), dhyana (meditation). Sessions of pranic healing, reiki, different kind of massages (ayurvedic, swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue massage, relaxing head & neck massage, pain relive massage), reflexology; Osho meditations; Astrology, numerology and palmistry consultant with Pandit Ramesh Mishra of Varanasi. img_1086 320x200img_1087 320x200img_1088 320x200

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